Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Second Grade Circus: 2014-2015 Classroom Reveal

I can't believe summer's over and school has already started! It went way. too. fast! Even though I was still busy this summer working part time and taking grad classes, it felt like a break because it was different than the normal craziness of the school year. 
I decided this year to use the same theme I used last year, but vamping it up. Though it's the same theme, it feels totally different because I had to move classrooms. My classroom last year is one of the biggest in the school and my dad (the 4th grade teacher) was going to have a huge class this year and needed more space. Since I have a tiny class it just made sense to have us switch. It was A TON of work, but I actually like my new classroom better, even though I have less space. 
Like I did last year, I decided to try and do everything DIY for my classroom first of all, to save money and second, because it's actually fun! 
The view to the right as you enter the door

View of the right side of the classroom
 Reading center
 "Write on" writing center and "Don't Forget" learning focus area
 The front of the classroom
The left of the classroom with clip chart and Boggle game of the storage closet
 Math Meeting wall "Step Right Up and Solve!" and theme verse "O taste and see that the Lord is good..."
 Circus tent reading area and birthday decor
 Back of the classroom
Desk area
Classroom door: "We are C-caring I-industrious R-respectful C-considerate U-unselfish S-self-controlled Students"
 Welcome bulletin board
Job chart
All ready for Open House/ Meet the Teacher!

I can't wait to start adding my students' work to the walls and seeing how the room evolves throughout the year!


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