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Okay... another Throwback post that was never posted! Interestingly enough-- I have many of the same goals this summer!
June 2013
Hi, I'm Susannah and I have a list addiction. Like, seriously. I am forever making lists about everything and embarassingly enough, I even made a list of all the different lists I need to make this summer.

Well, one of the lists I've been working on is my summer bucket list of goals and projects for the summer. I was kind of (okay... not kind of but completely) obsessed with doing school stuff last summer and did not take a break at all from working on school stuff, which definitely added to my exhaustion at the beginning of the school year, so number 1 on my list this summer...
 REST and TAKE A BREAK from school-related stuff (planning, creating, writing, etc.). I want to spend  lots of time just being a wife and doing the house-wifey things I don't have time to do during the school year (i.e. cleaning, organizing, crafting, etc.) Now these next ones are in no particular order...

Share. When I do decide to do school stuff, I am planning to post some of the worksheets, projects, and activities I made this year for my class to my TPT store. My class this year needed a lot of extra practice after learning a new skill to cement it in their minds so I can't wait to share all those helpful things with other teachers! I find so many helpful resources on TPT and get so excited when I don't have to make something that I know other teachers will appreciate the things I have created too!

Blog. I neglected this thing for the entire year so now I would like to catch up on sharing things that I've learned and used this year. I was totally HORRIBLE with taking pictures this year of all the exciting things we did, which I will work on next year. I will have a much smaller class so I'm hoping to actually keep up on blogging during the school year too. 

Create. Last summer, I made all my decor for the beginning of the year (bulletin boards, nametags, nameplates, posters, etc) and it was so much fun and it was way cheaper too. I'd like to do the same things this summer and hopefully create a whole theme packet for my store. I also want to learn how to make my own clip art. I love drawing and having a super talented artistic brother so I would LOVE to learn to make all my own clip art so I don't have buy it so much!

Decorate. My house mostly but also my classroom too. I really want to have my room decorated and ready to go before in-service in the fall so I won't be as stressed to start the school year. We'll see how that goes, though!

Craft. I want to make some artwork for my house and recreate some of the awesome ideas I've discovered on Pinterest. 

Read. I do not get to read enough during the school year (besides teacher blogs!) and since reading is one of the most relaxing things for me, I plan to do lots of reading this summer. 

Connect. I want to spend lots of time with my husband this summer. We both were so busy this year with me teaching and him working full-time and selling real estate on the side that we both love to take time this year just hanging out together. He will still be super busy all summer but at least I will be able to spend time with him and help him with his real estate work. 

While, I will still be working part-time doing bookwork at a summer day camp at my church, it will totally seem like a break from working on school stuff 60+ hours a week. I'm definitely looking forward to a much-needed break from kids this summer and to going to Disneyland with my family. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE working with kids but when you've spent so much time being a "second mommy" to so many kids for a whole year, you need a break!

And everyone needs Disneyland. Just saying. 

What do you do in the summer?


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